30 Years

Excellency the Minister of Health, Mrs Faika Bint Saeed Al-Saleh, opened the International Conference on Pediatric Hematology at the Wyndham Grand Hotel, Manama. In the presence of the assistant agents and a number of officials and with the participation of more than 400 participants from inside and outside the Kingdom of Bahrain.

In the pediatric section of the Salmaniya Medical Complex during the period from 23-25 ​​January 2020. Where to participate
The conference organized by the Ministry of Health will be represented by a representative
In presenting his papers more than 22 distinguished lecturers from the local and international levels.

The conference takes the serious challenges facing health and treatment strategies and plans in the field of various haematology
to review the best practices, present the latest developments in this field and adopt them as a guide that infects children as a slogan
a guideline from which to work mechanisms and strategic plans in the treatment of children’s haematology.

At the beginning of the opening of the conference, Excellency the Minister of Health delivered a speech in which she welcomed all participants on this scientific occasion and stressed that what distinguishes such specialized scientific conferences is a valuable opportunity that brings together professionals and health professionals in the Kingdom of Bahrain with international experiences and regional organizations in various medical fields, stressing the importance of using such conferences to learn about recent developments in the treatment of Genetic blood diseases, learn about the experiences of leading countries in this field and benefit from them.

The Minister pointed out that these diseases that affect children early in their lives or that are inherited genetic diseases may affect the
Great for children’s health and quality of life, as well as impact and burden the psychological and social situation that affects their families and society in general.Addressing them with the best successful scientific means requires preparing and training medical personnel to familiarize themselves with the developments and practices adopted in the fields of effective diagnosis and treatment.

The Minister emphasized that the Ministry of Health has spared no effort and contributes to providing support and assistance for any activity and effectiveness that is a platform for continuing medical education. In developing doctors and other health personnel to get acquainted and training on the latest developments in the medical and health fields in implementation for the guidance of good leadership in order to upgrade the level of the cadres working in the field of health services that are provided to citizens and residents of Kingdom of Bahrain.

For her part, Chair of the Organizing Committee of the Conference, Dr. Najat Mahdi, delivered a speech expressing the pride and pride of the pediatric department of the Salmaniya Medical Complex and with the support of the Minister and support of various departments by organizing the International Conference on Pediatric Hematology, which is an international scientific conference specialized in Childhood blood diseases are held for the first time in the Kingdom of Bahrain with the participation of distinguished speakers at the global, regional and local levels. Where speakers from America, Europe, South Africa, and from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states participate in presenting lectures and workshops Specialized over the course of the third days of the conference, noting that the conference focuses on presenting the latest developments in the methods and mechanisms of surveying, examining and diagnosing
Treat blood diseases in children.

In conclusion, the Minister of Health honoured the speakers, companies, sponsors and members of the conference organizing committee.