30 Years

Committees of the Bahrain National Hereditary aneamia Society

1. The health and education committee include:

Health and educational awareness programs for hereditary blood diseases. Preparing field research and scientific surveys. Holding seminars, lectures, workshops, and circulating health magazines. Follow up on patients’ needs.

2. Thalassemia Patients Committee:

Research the needs of patients and their families to cope with the disease. Besides educating them about the best way to live with the disease the team needs to find ways to spread mental awarness and create engaging activites.

3. The Social Committee and Public Relations Tasks include:

To be a link between the NGO, it’s members and the public face of the organization in digital and print media. Organize recreational programs and social gatherings for patients and their families.

4. The Finance Committee: –

To increase financial competency, maintain costs and look for new funding channels through various fund-raising or crowd-sourced events.

5. Rehabilitation Committee for Patients with Diabetes and Thalassemia:

Training members in English, making them computer literate and other soft skills courses to enable job placement.