30 Years

Since its inception in 1991, The Bahrain national hereditary anaemia society has devoted itself to the mission of spreading awareness regarding hereditary blood diseases. Which is spread in almost all Arab countries, and the Middle East. One of the most important goals of the Society for Hereditary Blood Diseases in Bahrain is to familiarize the community with the prevalent hereditary blood diseases. And guidance on ways to prevent these chronic diseases and limit their spread to future generations. The second goal is to take care of patients and improve the services provided to them in cooperation with the Ministry of Health. In order to achieve these goals, the association, with the help of a group of elite citizens of this beloved country, sought to hold seminars and issue educational brochures and posters about these diseases. And access to large sectors of the Bahraini public, who, thanks to God Almighty, have become highly aware of the scientific concepts of hereditary blood diseases. The Bahraini public is now fully aware of the necessity of conducting early examinations, especially the pre-marital examination, which the association has supported since its inception to reduce these diseases and control them in the future. The association’s projects are many, especially the pioneering national project, the student examination project, which continued for five consecutive years at the association’s expense with great success and at the request of parents and students. Among its projects are also preparing patients for the labour market, training them and helping them get jobs so that they can depend on themselves rather than being dependent on others. It also includes transportation of patients to and from the hospital, as well as entertainment programs that relieve them and their families. This is a summary of the society activities to reach its noble goals. We also hope that everyone will join us in moving towards implementing a national strategy aimed at eliminating hereditary blood diseases in Bahrain.
In conclusion, we send a lot of thanks and gratitude to everyone who participated and cooperated with us in these good activities.