30 Years

Holding the general assembly elections


The Bahrain national hereditary anemia society held elections for the General Assembly of the Board of Directors of the Society on one day Saturday 4/8/2018, in the presence of 150 members of the society and their families, and a ministry has been informed Development and social affairs in advance of holding the general assembly and elections. The chairperson of the Bahrain national hereditary anemia society, Dr Sheikha Al-Arrayed, welcomed the attendees. The society which was responsible for spreading awareness about these diseases, supporting its members, and preparing them for the labour market. Provided the literary report on the activities of the society during the period 2016-2017 – the literary report was discussed with the members And their families and ways to develop and improve the services provided to patients. Then Dr. presented the society’s financial report For previous years it has been discussed, Then the previous board of directors were discharged and the board resignation accepted the previous association. The list of seven new candidates was presented to the audience, which is similar to the number Required for the Board of Directors, and the new list was approved unanimously, thereby announcing the victory of the list of candidates
By acclamation. The current list includes 7 members

Dr. Sheikha Al-Arrayed

Dr. Najat Mahdi

Dr. Amani Al-Hajri

Professor Mrs. Hawra Ahmed Abdullah

Professor Mr. Sayed Ali Sayed Hashim

Professor Mrs. Kholoud Ashour

Professor Mrs. Najm Al-Jamri

The attendees expressed their satisfaction with the achievements of the society and thanked the previous board of directors for their work during. In previous years, they wished success at the new board of directors. Then ask and discuss questions and suggestions and take place Dr. Sheikha Al-Arrayed answers the questions and suggestions raised by patients The ceremony concluded with a group photo to attend with the children and parents as well-served dinner at the end.