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Welcome to Bahrain National Hereditary Anemia Society

We aim to provide comprehensive information to patients on how to cope with these diseases, and how to prevent complications of sickle cell disease and thalassemia. In addition to emotional and social support. Are you a patient of hereditary blood disease?? Do you know anyone affected? Call us We are here For you

Short Awareness Video About Hemophilia

Hemophilia Connect App

Hemophilia connect is an application for patients with hemophilia A and the main goal is to virtually connect patients to their care team. This application will help patients record the symptoms they do not recall at
clinic visits, and accordingly help physicians to readily inform better treatment decisions to improve treatment outcomes. The application aims at improving patients’ adherence to treatment, helping patients overcome under-reporting of bleeds and symptoms, offering a trusted educational resource, and ensuring proper management of the disease especially the encountered breakthrough bleeds.


  • Record bleeds
  • Record pain episodes
  • Track physical activity
  • Track treatment
  • adherence
  • Dose reminders
  • Learning resources
  • Gamification for pediatrics
  • Patient Dashboard
  • Physician Dashboard

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