The Society carries out various activities and activities in the field of hereditary blood diseases and seeks to achieve the best for the patients and supervises all the activities specialized and provides the association all the safety and comfort of the participants
Down syndrome 27-04-2013 2294
Genes and diseases they cause 27-04-2013 2342
Intelligence between genetics and the environment 27-04-2013 2299
Chromosomes and diseases caused by here 27-04-2013 2258
Genetics and kinship 26-04-2013 2290
Book of heredity money and what it 25-04-2013 2390
School Experiences of Young People with SCD 04-03-2012 2269
Facts About Alpha Thalassemia Fact about Alpha Thalassemia 10-08-2011 2271
Facts on Hematological Blood Diseases in English 10-08-2011 2657
Folded facts about genetic blood diseases 23-07-2007 4752
Folded facts about genetic blood diseases 23-07-2007 4752
The book of heredity has nothing to do with it 03-06-2007 1290
Factbook on Yeast Infection 26-04-2013 6231
Factbook on sickle cell anemia 27-04-2013 2822
Pre-marital examination booklet for a healthy generation 06-02-2007 1502
Factbook on Thalassemia 04-02-2007 2373
Book of sickle cell anemia 14-07-2006 3638