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Pharma cos should fund research for sickle cell medicine, says Kalam


Date   :  09-12-2010

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Pharma cos should fund research for sickle cell medicine, says Kalam

Staff reporter

Raipur, Nov 22

Former president dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has said that pharmaceutical companies does not seem interested in funding the research and development for sickle cell disease as this disease is largely perceived to be associated with the disadvantageous section in the society. It is perhaps this perception that even after 100 year of discovery of this genetic disease there is still no cure for it in the world, Kalam said.

Dr. Kalam, the country's Missile Man, was addressing the inaugural ceremony of the 4th international sickle cell congress at Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Medical college auditorium on monday . governor Shekhar Dutt chaired the session while chief minister dr Raman Singh, First lady of republic of congo antionette SASSOU N' GUESSO and Health Minister Ammar Agrawal were the special guests.

The former President further said that it is time to lunch a mission for the next two decades as sickle cell disease cure and to attain it by discovering drugs, vaccines and therapies. He urged the scientists and medical experts in the congress that a task team and research group should be formed for attaining the task.

focusing that in sickle cell disease due to less oxygen in blood there is less immunity, strength, endurance and stamina in the affected person, Governer Shekhar Dutt stressed on identification of the disease in the society and hen focusing on its control.

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh said that the issue of sickle cell anemia disorder is serious one in Chhattisgarh state for the reason that ten percent of the population in this state is affected by it. Hence, the burning issues of the Naxal problem, Malaria prevention and controland the sickle cell areof equal importance. |Health Minister Amar Agrawal and the first lady of republic of congo and a few other dignitaries also addressed the occasion.

Eminent Scientist Prof. Graham Serjeant from Kingston, Jamaica, focused on the importance of the international congress in Raipur that it has brought together experts from Indian and Africa, where the prevalence of sickle cell is high. Though the DNA and environmental aspects are different in the two countries, yet the doctors by sharing experiences on this platform can learn a lot and improve in the management of the disease in their respective countries. Dr AR Dalla conducted the proceedings and Dr PK Patra proposed the vote of thanks.  


 Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh also announced the launching of Chief Minister Sickle cell disease Management Programme in the state. Genetic counselling under this programme would be done in Raipur under the programme and also screening of children and pregnant women would be done. Dr Singh also said that the state goverment would allocate extra budget for the programme. He also urged that the central government should include sickle cell anemia in National Rural H|ealth Mission