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Bahraini geneticist joins Arab council


Date   :  13-03-2007

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Senior Bahraini geneticist Dr. Shaikha Al Arrayed has been elected member of the Council of Arab Genomic Studies.
The honour comes at a time when the study of genetic diseases is taking an increasingly important role in Bahrain and on the eve of a comprehensive genetic-screening programme for thousands of secondary school children. "Dr Al Arrayed has been elected for her longstanding scientific achievements in the field of genetics in Bahrain and internationally, the accolade given during the pan-Arab human genetics conference in Dubai," said a citation received from the conference organisers.
"In the Arab world, genetic disease represents a major public health problem," Dr Al Arrayed said. "Several factors contribute to the wide prevalence of genetic disorders in the region including the high rate of consanguinity, a social trend to have more children until menopause, selective factors favouring inherited disease characters like thalassaemia and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency and a lack of public awareness towards the early recognition and prevention of inherited disease."

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