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The International Conference on Sickle Cell Disease: Management and Prevention


الزيارات : 1867

التاريخ : 16-06-2013


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Bahrain Medical Bulletin, Vol. 35, No. 2, June 2013




The International Conference on Sickle Cell Disease: Management and Prevention

Shaikha Al-Arrayed, MB, ChB, DHCG, PhD*

The International conference on sickle cell disease: management and prevention was held in Bahrain on 5-7 February 2013 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. The conference was organized under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa, the prime minister.

The purpose of this conference is to promote health and improve outcomes among people with blood disorder. The primary theme of the conference was "Hand in hand toward better life for SCD patients".

More than forty international, regional and national experts participated in the conference. They presented 50 oral studies and 10 poster presentations. The conference was an opportunity to strengthen communication and networking, to share best practices and improve the health of blood disorders sufferers.

The world health organization recognized sickle cell disease and other genetic blood disorders as public health problems in the whole world; Asia, Africa, America and Europe. The impact of sickle-cell anemia in particular and other genetic disease in general on global mortality and morbidity is well-documented especially in developing countries. In addition, the suffering of patients and families affected by the disease is immeasurable.

Important health issues were discussed in the conference, such as protocols for pain management, prevention and treatment of opiate addiction, avoidance of causes of death in sickle cell disease, etc. Avoidance of complications, such as acute chest syndrome, stroke, renal failure, vascular necrosis, etc. were discussed.

Treatments, such as hydroxyurea therapy, blood transfusion, surgical management, hematopoietic stem cell transplant, opiate detoxification and rehabilitation were addressed.


* Chairperson, Scientific Committee of the Conference

Chairperson, Genetic Department

Salmaniya Medical Complex

Kingdom of Bahrain Email: ssarayed@batelco.com.bh



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